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MD anime resources [May. 6th, 2004|11:43 am]


Hmm nobody's posting.

Well if this is supposed to be a maryland anime group I supose one thing that can be done is compare notes about sources of anime, anime cons that folx goto and various meet & greet groups that are local. Most of what I'm going to write down is just off the top of my head and is to maybe get the ball rolling.

Anime shops: I tend to goto Pandora's cube in college park near the Town Hall liquors on route one. Pandora's has two more branches in Springfield VA and WhiteMarsh MD. Other places, there is a place called Starland off of Edmonson Rd in Annandale VA, another place is in Rockville at college plaza. I can't remember the name of it and it might not be there anymore.

Cons: There's KatsuCon and Otakon which everyone knows about. There's NekoCon near williamsburg VA that I keep meaning to goto and never get around to it. I think there's an anime con on memorial day weekend that I never goto cuz it's the same weekend as BaltiCon. BaltiCon is a regular science fiction convention that also has an anime room, but I goto it cuz I always have even before I was into anime.

Groups: the two anime groups I know about are "Taz" which meets at university of maryland college park on (alternate?) sundays in the third floor of the hornbake library. I used go there when I was addicted to Lain and that was the only place I knew to find it and they played one or two episodes each time they met as they could get their hands on the fansubs.
The other group I've heard of meets at the Johns Hopkins Campus I have no other details but I suspect they are still active cuz at the last JohnCon (part of the con was held in the JH student union) the anime room was held in the student lounge where there was bunches couches the anime room was 24 hours and the program was mostly new fansub taken off the net.
Oh someone I knew was trying to start an anime club on the Catholic University campus about 5 years ago but I suspect that fell through.

I beg pardon that the information above is kinda patchy but, as I said before, I'm throwing this out to stimulate some conversation.

Ja na!

[User Picture]From: jabbahj
2004-05-06 10:39 am (UTC)
It's TAS = Terapin Anime Socity. Another club is UAS, UMBC Anime Society.

Pandora's is the spawn of pure evil; thanks to them, 3 local college clubs were nearly completely disbanded.

Other cons: Animazement, Tekkoshocon, Ohayocon....
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